CASE NUMBER: 33-7612-21/A
A Vexations Police Story
By Kyt Dotson


Case Number: 33-7612-21/A
Incident: Breaking And Entering
Location: 8210 Emerald Ave
Escalation: Possible Homicide
Officer(s) Responding: Officer W. Millard (reporting) and Officer J. Cerrato

April 8th 2007, 2230, OFFICER CERRATO and I responded to a priority call from Dispatch in regards to a landlord homeowner who saw lights and motions in an abandoned property. When we arrived at the premises the homeowner, identified as FRANK L. GILFORD, 54, was waiting across the street. He described “movement and lights” witnessed by neighbors who were not available for questioning. He himself also witnessed shadows moving against the windows ten minutes before we arrived.

With MR GILFORD’s permission OFFICER CERRATO and I entered through the front door of the premises using a key provided by MR GILFORD. Whereupon we found the interior empty and abandoned. We cleared the first floor and discovered no current occupants or evidence of a break in. The back door, kitchen door, and front door were all intact to inspection. We ascended the stairs onto the second floor and began to clear the upper rooms.

Upon entering what would be the master bedroom we came upon a pool of blood-like liquid approximately four feet across in the center of the floor. Unrecognizable symbols and writing was scrawled on all four walls with patterns and diagrams.

Upon this discovery I immediately radioed for a rescue unit, a crime scene unit, and a supervisor. OFFICER CERRATO went back down to the first floor to circle around the building from the front and I exited through the back door onto the balcony. We made a full circle of the perimeter and found no sign of any other parties.

SARGENT C. COOPER arrived by taxi cab at 2255 and I apprised him of our findings while two other units secured the crime scene for CSU and rescue.

At this time SARGENT COOPER took charge of the crime scene asked that OFFICER CERRATO and I speak with DETECTIVES E. TATE and M. HALE from Major Case about what we observed inside the premises.


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