Date: April 14th 2007
From: Captain Henry Jules
To: Detective Michael Hale and Detective Emily Tate

The FBI Missing Persons unit working with this office believe that they have credible information from Mr. Marino Delgado in the kidnapping case of Catalina Sanchez. He has mentioned that Emelio Sanchez expressed fear for his daughter’s life and asked him to remove her from the custody of her legal guardian for the purpose of protecting her. Rival gangs are suspected.

He has confessed to removing the minor child from the residence of the grandmother and taking her across state lines into California making anything further an FBI jurisdictional matter.

With our case load already backed up this should conclude this investigation. The FBI have thanked us for our assistance.

I want your paperwork for this entire case on my desk tomorrow morning at 9am sharp. We have other fish to fry.


April 14th 2007, 16:00
Emily S. Tate

Captain’s Eyes Only

I am growing concerned about the emotional welfare of my partner, Michael Hale. This last case involving the pool of blood discovered in an abandoned building in Chandler and its connection to a missing girl has placed a great deal of stress on him. I don’t think that he’s slept or gone home to see his wife in the past three days.

Being taken off that case has not sat well with him and he will not talk to me about it.

Today he took one of the department unmarked cars for four hours and would not tell me where he went or what he was doing. He has become increasingly edgy about the FBI’s handling of the case and critical of the nature of the investigation.

It wouldn’t be any of my business talking behind his back but if I don’t who can?


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