04/15/2007 0445, tape starts at point 8m77 mark

[Muffled sounds of gunfire.]

OFFICER: Dispa —


OPERATOR: This is dispatch plea —

OFFICER: 10-40, shots fired! North Corando near Tenth Street and Camelback. Single armed assailant. I repeat shots fired! Requesting backup!

[BACKGROUND] Fuck you, pigs!

[Bang-bang. Bang.]

OPERATOR: Can you identify yourself, sir? I am dispatching backup to your location now. Please repeat your position.

OFFICER: Detective Hale, Major Ca —

[Muffled scream.]

OFFICER: Officer down! [Muffled] Jake … stay down! Don’t move! … North Coranado, warehouse, north of Tenth Street near Camelback intersection.

[DISPATCH OPERATOR: To all cars in the vicinity of Tenth and Camelback, officers in danger, shots fired. Ambulance en route.]

[Loud screeching is heard — tires squealing.]

OFFICER: What the hell is that?

[BACKGROUND] [Muffled] — taxi cab … cornering …

OFFICER: Get them the hell out of here! … where did they go?


[BACKGROUND] [Muffled speech] – El Infierno me rompá los dientes! Chinga tu ma


OFFICER: Assailant retreating on foot into nearby building. Officers in pursuit!



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