Date: April 12th 2007, 9:00am
Case Number: 33-7612-21/A
Detective Reporting: Detective Michael Hale

Garcia Francis is dead. He was found in critical condition on the floor of the bathroom of Taco Boy in Phoenix where he was employed. Stab wounds sustained to his throat, chest, and legs. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. See case number 33-7612-80.

A mirror in the bathroom of the restaurant was found to have had writing drawn on it with an eyeliner pen found at the scene. Message written is as follows:

Let her go or I will hunt you down
and I will kill you.

Judging by the angle and curvature of the writing suggests a feminine hand; the angle and height at which the message was written suggests an individual between 5’8 and 6’ tall.

Latent discovered a partial print on the eyeliner pen and are currently processing it.


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