Date: April 9th 2007
Case Number: 33-7612-21/A
Detective Reporting: Detective Michael Hale
Location: 8210 Emerald Ave, Chandler, AZ
Offence: Breaking And Entering, Homicide
Victim: Unknown

The house is a two-story colonial with three exits on the first floor and one on the second. The second floor is set back within the house and only covers half the floor space of the first floor. There is no sign of habitation in the past six months. Footprints in the collected dust appear to follow the route of the incident officers (see CSU photographs 201A-3002A) what spare furniture there is on the first floor is covered with undisturbed dusty sheets.

The room in which Officers Millard and Cerrato discovered a “pool of blood-like liquid” is a 14’x20’ room with a door on the East wall exiting onto the main abode, on the West wall leads to a wooden external staircase, and South wall that enters into a small bathroom with a sink and bathtub and a second door opening into an adjacent room. The floor is black packed and lacquered tile; the walls are an off white color. It appears the floor was laid recently and the walls also painted. Officers at the scene note the door to the bathroom was closed but do not recall state of the back door.

The room felt cold, abnormally cold at 72.3ºF, in spite of the 90ºF temperature outside at near midnight. The smell of detergents and licorice lingered in the air even after the removal of CSU from the room who were currently on scene. No officers or CSU at the scene interviewed had these smells on them so it was brought into the room by the intruders.

A wide puddle of blood (positive on field test for blood) in the center of the floor measuring over 6’ diameter at its widest and 5’ at its narrowest has darkened and partially coagulated. Samples have been taken by CSU to DNA for further testing. Visual estimation is there are at least four liters of blood here. Near the center of the puddle is a visible imprint that takes on the appearance of a cloven hoof (see CSU photographs 345-348B.) Several unknown fibers have been recovered from the edge of the puddle as well as a poppet doll (see CSU photographs 349-355.)

Red paint covers all four walls with various diagrams and yet unidentified writing (see CSU photographs reels C and D). East wall: one giant pentagram (6’ in diameter), point down, along with apparent astrological signs. South Wall: undeciphered writing, further astrological symbols. West Wall: another pentagram (5’ in diameter). North Wall: lop-sided pentagram (8” in diameter longest 4’3” shortest) two lines parallel to the floor at 1’ and 6’, apparent spray and spatter of blood (field test positive) between them.

Prints recovered from the floor in several places and the along the wall display a very small hand size, possibly a child. Prints taken by latent have been rushed to an FBI lab for processing against Missing and Exploited Persons databases. No prints on the wall, handles of doors, or in the bathroom.


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