Date: April 13th 2007, 11:00am
Case Number: 33-7612-21/A
Detective Reporting: Detective Michael Hale

Detective Tate and I paid a visit to the Boughtwood residence at 801 De Canto Dr., Mesa. Mrs. Boughtwood was not in but a member of her maid service, Castanya Blanca, allowed us entry to get a glass of water. According to Ms. Blanca, Mrs. Boughtwood has been on vacation in Paris for the past week. Phone calls to her travel agency show that she has not booked any flights and I have no reason to get a warrant for her financials. A brief inspection of her house revealed nothing out of the ordinary. Detective Tate did collect an eyeliner pen from master bathroom that had the same color as the one from the Taco Boy murder.

Ms. Blanca also thought to mention that a taxi arrived to pick up Mrs. Boughtwood the day before, but as Mrs. Boughtwood was already out of the country this didn’t make sense to her. She could not recall the company that the cab belong to, the name of the driver, or the driver herself just that the driver was a very polite individual who did not take offence when Ms. Blanca had to send her away.

Another member of the 8th Street Angels has been found murdered outside of his residence in Phoenix. Stabbed repeatedly about the torso. Jamie Lopez, age 25. The blade pierced his heart and both lungs. According to the ME, unlike the previous attack this one was far more precise but just as brutal.

Curious excerpts from the witness reports form the scene catch my attention:

GEOFF HIMMER, 44, reported to the patrolman that he “…saw an older woman and a young girl with dark hair enter the front door of the residence, but he did not see them exit.” This witness statement has been corroborated by three other eye witnesses, the children of a neighbor (MARCY CABBLE, 32 mother of HENRY, 4; CASSANDRA, 8; and TIMOTHY 12) who also saw an elderly woman and a dark haired girl in the driveway. The mother, MARCY, herself saw nothing as she was reading a romance novel.

No evidence of any other vehicle in the driveway other than the deceased in the last 24 hours. Neighbors recollect no suspicious activity in the past 24 hours. CSU is still processing latent prints from within the house and the body. No results yet.


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