Date: April 11th 2007
Case Number: 33-7612-21/A
Detective Reporting: Detective Michael Hale

Fingerprints from the crime scene came back for one Catalina Sanchez, age 5, daughter of Emelio Sanchez, age 26, currently on trial for the shooting deaths of Molly Walters, age 6, and Linda Walters, age 32. Deceased are mother and daughter. Catalina Sanchez has been missing for four days when she was taken from her maternal grandmother’s residence on April 6th and reported missing the same day.

Blood from the wall and the floor have come back from DNA with multiple contributions, although rushed processing is being hampered by possible contamination. Matched from reference one of the contributions is from Catalina Sanchez and another from an individual either father or brother, since she is an only child we assume that contribution must be from Emilio Sanchez. As he is in prison awaiting trial it is unlikely he was at the scene himself.

Two other contributions contained matches from CODIS for Garcia Francis, age 25, and Salvador Vega, age 20. Both members of the 8th Street Angels gang (Ángeles de la Ocho Calle) from Central Phoenix – a gang Emelio Sanchez is a known member. Picked up on numerous charges including possession of unlicensed firearms, drug charges, intimidation, and assault.

We have been asked to assist the FBI investigation in to the disappearance of Catalina Sanchez by pursuing leads developed from this case.

Patrol has been sent out to pick up both Garcia Francis and Salvador Vega for questioning.


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