Date: April 12th 2007, 7:00pm
Case Number: 33-7612-21/A
Detective Reporting: Detective Michael Hale

The FBI have brought in Marino Delgado, age 23, on suspicion of kidnapping Catalina Sanchez. He is Catalina’s maternal uncle and a registered sex offender; although I do not find public urination to be a highly dangerous crime the FBI disagree. He has a few connections with custodial interference charges involving domestic disagreements between Maria (mother, deceased) and Emilio Sanchez. After reading the transcripts of his interrogation I do not believe he is involved—he is currently cooling his heels in the Horseshoe lockup in Phoenix on a bench warrant for failure to appear. Agent Anderson, FBI, cites documents yet unreleased to me about the disappearance of Catalina Sanchez as his motivation to interrogate Marino.

Patrol and Gang Unit have not yet located Salvador Vega or any of the 8th Street Angels to question them about his whereabouts. Detective Emily Tate and I have been canvassing the area of the Taco Boy where Garcia Francis was killed and the neighborhood of the initial break in.

Witnesses at the Taco Boy describe no strange vehicles except a back and white taxi cab that stayed only ten minutes and nobody got out. Two or more vans of varying descriptions and a truck filled to the brim with Hispanic youths who only bought sodas and harassed employees.

Judging by the witness reports Francis must have been killed inside of the bathroom by an assailant who was not seen entering or exiting the premises. Judging by the savagery of the attack this is difficult to believe; that room was covered in spatter, the attacker’s clothing would have been dripping like a butcher’s apron in June.


Date: April 12th 2007, 9:00pm
Case Number: 33-7612-21/A
Detective Reporting: Detective Michael Hale

Fingerprints came back from the eyeliner pen from the Taco Boy murder. They match one Elizabeth Boughtwood, 55, mother of Linda Walters.


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