Date: April 20th 2007, 10:00am
Interviewer: Emily Sarah Tate
Interviewee: Catalina Mariana Sanchez

INTERVIEWER: And what did the woman do next?

CATALINA: She told me to be brave…

INTERVIEWER: You were very brave. Did you see what happened next? Did you notice where she went?

CATALINA: No… I couldn’t see. I’m so sorry I —

INTERVIEWER: That’s okay.

CATALINA: Do you know who she is?

INTERVIEWER: I’m sorry, Catalina, we don’t.

CATALINA: Oh, okay. But if you find out who she is can you tell her something for me?

INTERVIEWER: Sure, sure. I think we can do that.

CATALINA: Tell her thank you for saving my papá. I love him very much.

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