Vex Harrow
Posted: April 1, 2020 at 11:53 pm
Subject: Mill Avenue empties with ‘stay-at-home’ pandemic response in Tempe

Today was the first full day after the “stay-at-home” order from Governor Doug Ducey. This is regarding the current outbreak of 2019 novel coronavirus, which causes people to become violently sick and has killed 29 people in Arizona so far.

AZCentral has some amazing photos of what that’s done to Mill Ave and the surrounds.

All of these images, credit to Eli Imdali from The Republic.

I can say one thing, this is the least fares I’ve ever gotten in a single night. Cabs and ride-share services are included with essential services, people still need to go places even during a pandemic, but there are far fewer people out.

I’ve been watching Mill Ave all day, and most of the night, and the streets are mostly empty. People have been listening it seems.

It’s been interesting giving people rides. Some people don’t believe the pandemic is anything and chatter on about stories of hoaxes and question the order. Others have spoken about how a family member of theirs is extremely sick right now and they’re worried they might die.

For the love of the city, I’m sure you know that I want Phoenix to be fine after this, please take care of yourselves. If you can, stay home, and stay healthy. Not everyone has a good immune system to fight this thing off and if you avoid getting sick (even if you’ll be fine in the end) you’ll avoid spreading it to anyone else.

Stay safe out there everyone. And, if you do need a ride, I keep my cab clean just in case.

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