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Toltec Mass Child Sacrifice Tomb Unearthed in Mexico
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 15, 2007 9:58 am    Post subject: Toltec Mass Child Sacrifice Tomb Unearthed in Mexico Reply with quote

A sepulture revealed by archeological digging near the town of Tula, the ancient Toltec capital—50 miles north of Mexico City—has been found to contain the skeletal remains of 24 children. The remains appear to be the result of child sacrifices to the Toltec rain god Tlaloc. He is known to take the spirits of those killed by lightning, drowning, leprosy, or dropsy—those souls he reaps are given eternal residence in the unending Springtime paradise of Tlalocan.

From the article in the National Geographic News:
But the ritualistic placement of the skeletons, cut marks on bones, and the presence of a figurine of Tlaloc led Gamboa to conclude the children had been sacrificed to bring rain.

"To try and explain why there are 24 bodies grouped in the same place, well, the only way is to think that there was a human sacrifice," Gamboa told the Reuters news agency.

"You can see evidence of incisions, which make us think they possibly used sharp-edged instruments to decapitate them."
These descriptions of the interment and sacrifice process by the forensic anthropologists catch my eyes, though, because they do not fit with what I understand about this rain god and his preference for victims. Among the different souls that he scoops from this world, victims of decapitation are not one of them. I have a feeling that most sacrifices to Tlaloc would have been drowned—then why decapitate them?

The article does go on to describe the elaborate burial, the skeletons posed so that they face the sunrise, the predominance of turquoise and other precious stones inset into vessels near them. Among an interestingly macabre belief about how ritual sacrifices to Tlaloc proceeded includes the “collection of children’s tears into ornate vessels.” I must say, there would indeed be something extremely moving if a people, suffering in the hot breath of a drought, dropped off a bunch of vases filled with tears on my doorstep.

I picked this article because it gets us a little close to home. Mexico, the Aztecs, the Toltecs, are really our next-door-neighbors—although the latter two have been lost mostly to history and tell tales that only stones, architecture, and skeletons can speak.
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