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Russia vs emo, round one: outlaw a subculture
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Vex Harrow
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 28, 2008 3:38 pm    Post subject: Russia vs emo, round one: outlaw a subculture Reply with quote

This one is for our readers who happen to live in Russia, and for goths in general and alike. This was brought to our attention by our reader Jorwyn who found an article on MSN about Russia potentially outlawing emo.

Now, us goths may not look too fondly upon our emo cousins, this is absurd to the point of rediculopathy—and in light of the recent anti-emo pogroms occurring in Meso-america a disturbing trend. I am sure that I don’t need to stir up sentiments of sympathy because emo and goth are difficult to tell apart for squares such as would sign a document called “Government Strategy in the Sphere of Spiritual and Ethical Education.”

Among other measures, the proposed legislation apparently calls for heavy regulation of emo web sites and for banning young people dressed like emos from entering schools and government buildings.

According to the bill, The "negative ideology" of emo culture may push young people toward depression and social withdrawal, and the movement carries a significant risk of suicide, especially for young girls."

The Times says "The bill also outlines what it calls a 'spiritual and ethical crisis' facing Russian youth, including the high rate of alcohol abuse, teen abortions and 'negative youth movements.'

This occurs a lot when a gross misunderstanding of what drives fad and culture gets penned into legislation. Haven’t we heard something like this before? The penny dreadful novel. Comic books. Rock & roll. Video games… Instead of examining this culture flux for what it is and approaching the kids who belong to it as the teenagers they are the magic pill that the government in this case wants to swallow involves banning the aesthetic. Clinically and carefully ignoring the human element.

We’re USA citizens over here with Mill Avenue Vexations, but we ascribe ourselves to humanity, to people, and to understanding that an aesthetic movement surrounding music, costume, and social cliques cannot just be swept under the carpet by banning expression.

The people who put their quills to this document need an education in reality.

Link, (MSN In Music)

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 28, 2008 5:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sad tragic black-clads of the universe: UNITE!
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