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Requesting Artwork for Mill Avenue Vexations

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Vex Harrow
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2005 9:40 am    Post subject: Requesting Artwork for Mill Avenue Vexations Reply with quote

I am looking for artists for the Mill Avenue Vexations project.

I intend to create a fiction that encompasses the sights, sounds, and atmosphere of Mill, ASU, Tempe, and Phoenix. Into a fantastic tale of occult magic and heroism.

If interested please PM me and I can fill you in on any details that you desire to know. This could also include giving you a copy of the current unpublished working volume. I am most interested in people who have seen Mill Avenue, who live there, and know it. I would like to make this an experience for the artists as well as me as a writer. Artwork placed in the project is retained to the copyright of the original artist; I would just like to have license to print and distribute the artwork as part of the work.

The work will be distributed for free. If at any point this work is intended to be published for money I will negotiate with all of the artists who worked on any individual volume for compensation. Although, I don’t really see this happening. I see the credits, copyright, and reputation of the distribution being the primary asset of this work.

People who are interested can work with the information below and scenes already published in the current (or earlier) volumes of the Vexations fiction.

Looking for three possible sizes of images:

(1) Front page (for title);
(2) 1/2 page (for inside); or
(3) 1/4 page (square, for inside.)

A vivid description of Vex is included below. As well as several of the other characters.



Short brown hair, very round glasses. Small in stature, timid looking. He’s also quite whiny.


Long dark brown hair (braid,) she is also petite, but she has more striking features. She’s the violinist. Her fingers are long and thin and she keeps her nails properly manicured and cut as not to interfere with her playing.

Mary Beth

Curly red hair, freckles, a wide and fierce face. She is only an inch or so shorter than her boyfriend, Korey. She has a dominating look about her, tall, imposing, and authoritative. She is the High Priestess at the ceremony.


Short blonde hair, blue eyes, Icelandic features. Everything about him says jock, except that Mary Beth can get him to do anything (even wear that robe,) he is wide shouldered, chisel featured, and a mountain of a boy.

Vex Harrow
135 lbs
Midnight Blue eyes
Black hair, straight, sweeping, and falls ½’ below her shoulders.

Vex looks like she’s trapped between Goth-waif thinness and good health; she may have very little substance to her muscles but she has noticeable curves and definition to her arms and legs. She tends to wear outfits which accentuate her feminine curvature and at the same time she wears extra jewelry, chains, and leather extravagance which tends to hide it again. She looks like a waif goth gone biker chick, but trying somehow to keep a hold on an archaic fashion sense.

Her hair falls to below her shoulders and is completely back, although it has a shine of highlight.

She has a tendency to wear silver jewelry, random rings, pentacles, chains. She has a top hat, several black dresses; she tends to wear all black, and does pale face and black eyeliner for effect. Also, she is very likely to have polished her nails black, and may be wearing black lipstick.

Vex has a very young face, but sharp eyes. Her face is such that it enhances the intensity of her gaze and her hair should frame it all the way down to her chin, errant strands might lap around her cheeks and chin. She has no freckles, she has perfectly smooth complexion, and her eyebrows are reasonably thin.

She is a mage and is constantly surrounded by and harassed by otherworldly entities, this can create sparkles, glows, and other ethereal effects about her form. Anything that makes an image of her “stand out” from her surroundings as if by way of different shadows, or some other effect is always reasonable. A knife at her waist is also not inappropriate.
A casual outfit example:

Vex leaned tiredly against the bricks of the wall. The daytime warmth still was emanating from it into her back as she stared at her feet. The steel-toes of her boots lead up into a swath of black leather as it flowed back up her leg and transformed into the black denim of her jeans. It was a sight she had become accustomed to. However, it seemed to her that every time she looked at her feet she should have also seen the break and gas petals of her taxi next to them. With a sigh, she tossed her head, raven-black hair falling onto her back as she gazed into the sky to acquire something else to look at. The stars weren’t visible for the overcast clouds covering the sky from horizon to dark horizon.

Some more elegant outfit ideas and passages that involve them. More description of her hair:

Vex lounged luxuriously in the drab and falling-apart chair at the entrance to the Graffiti Shop. The mirror beside her reflecting every part of her outfit, from the black sweep of her dress to the laces of her bodice, revealing a mere bit of pale flesh near the top where the V-cut dipped perhaps slightly too low. A small green pendant hung from a black choker around her neck, a gleaming emerald carved with Celtic runes. A powerful warding talisman that she only used on occasions where she was going to put herself dangerously out in the open; this was one of those times, and this was one of those places. Her raven-black hair tied carefully back with a simple black scrunchie and falling across one of her shoulders, contrasting with her pale shoulders.


Without another word Vex Harrow rose from the chair and swept around to the left, her dress floating out as she did so and flowing like a river of black behind her as she ascended the stairs that were immediately beside the chair.

An outside view with a more ancient and esoteric feel to what Vex looks like from an outward perspective.

Listening to the rhythm of the shaman’s voice in his head, Simon closed his eyes. A vision opened up before him and showed him a pair of young women walking down the street in the dead of night, not another soul in sight. One was tall and harsh, her clothing consisting of a sheer black dress with a tight bodice laced with white. Her eyes were hawk-like and vitality flowed about her form, coiling around her like a dragon, looming and prepared to strike with fangs. Her flesh was pale and her hair a dark sweeping thing, it coiled and tickled down her back like a living shadow. Simon instantly knew he had found who he was looking for, and shifted his attention to her companion.
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