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Knocked Down Long Wong’s and Put Up a High-Rise?

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Vex Harrow
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 03, 2007 1:51 pm    Post subject: Knocked Down Long Wong’s and Put Up a High-Rise? Reply with quote

They paved paradise and put up a parking lot!” Well, not this time, it looks like our beloved Long Wong’s, demolished some years ago now—ironically it is a parking lot right now—is going to be replaced by twin 25-story condominium towers! That is, if this proposal actually goes through.

Do we need to beat sense into these people?

Wasn’t it just last year that we saw discussion towards legislation about how tall buildings could be along the Ave? What happened to that? Pay attention!

But she said it’s regrettable that the developer couldn’t also buy the aging Jack in the Box on Mill. It’s the only business left downtown with its own parking lot and driveway, a suburban-type development that downtown planners would prefer to see replaced with an urban building. But the owner wasn’t willing to sell.

“We’ve lived with it a long time,” Goronkin said. “Although I would rather see it incorporated in the project, those people have a right to do what they want with their own property.”

Screw you too lady. How magnanimous of you, offering up this paltry “but they can do what they like with their property,” and pretending that it somehow blunts your superiority about how developers would rather have that property.

Just today this woman’s flagrant blindness to the actuality of Mill Avenue culture came across Kyt Dotson’s desk and posted about in Under the Hills Authorspace: Mill Avenue, Reinvent Thyself. This stupid woman is reaching for the ruination of one of the most wonderful things about Tempe, her corpmongering and asshattery are a direct threat to the health of his community—she can drink her champagne and huff kittens in her high-rise offices, laughing down on the "peons" of the street, but damnit, she sucks as a director!

Here is one of the generals in the War on Mill Ave Culture.

Mind that you don’t press the bellows so hard that it blows the very life out of the street while you are trying to breathe life into the dying embers. But no, a more apt analogy is that they want to bottle fire. They want to take the vibrancy and scintillating numina of the Ave and put it into shop windows. Fire under glass.

They will smother us with their leaning towers, blot out the clarion blue of our sky, destroy the legacy, and trod on our very spirits as they do it.

It may not be time enough to stop all of this, the city does always move forward, it reinvents itself every day, buildings are torn down, buildings are built, but you can put your voice into the mix. Visit the Tempe City Council, they have public hearings. Write to them. Hell, if you want to, write to the office of Pam Goronkin—director of the Downtown Tempe Community.

Even if Mill falls, we will still be her soul; but we mustn’t let her face this horror alone.

Lift your chin, wear your heart on your sleeve, and stand.
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