Vex Harrow
Posted: October 19, 2012 at 5:23 pm
Subject: Light Rail Passenger Defends Assault Victim with Katana

The title here should say it all, just watch the video immediately below and then we’ll discuss (the important action starts at about 22 seconds in):

If you watched the same video that I just did, then you probably just saw something both amazing and strange—someone on the Phoenix light rail came to the defense of an assault victim by drawing a katana.

As a woman of violence in my everyday life—usually against supernatural baddies more often than the mortal flesh-and-blood assailant—I must say that I’m in no small part impressed. First, the sword wielder managed to comport himself and his weapon with composure and discipline—in fact, he managed to chase off the attackers without spilling a drop of blood (from the attackers, other passengers, or even himself.)

It’s hard to tell if he knows how to handle the weapon or not, this video does shake all over the place, but I’ve had no few friends who can use this weapon and from what I saw, he used the small close quarters to his advantage. I didn’t see the blade slash wildly, he kept it in check and at guard until he reached the door.

Perhaps that was a hectoring jab I saw flickering out the door to urge the assailants on their way.

I do have several friends who carry weapons such as these with them in everyday business. However, I should point out that I believe they may be banned from the light rail system in general like most weapons (barring the strange paradox of concealed firearms.) It is difficult to conceal a katana if you’re not a Highlander without wearing a heavy cloak, and in Arizona such an outfit could be extremely hazardous to your health.

I hope the police spend more time and money identifying and bringing the assailants in this video to justice rather than waste their money harassing the young man who came to the rescue.

(At this point, I should mention that although I couldn’t see his face, the physique and manner of the katana wielder is oddly familiar to me. I think I know who that is. Bravo.)

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  1. Hello Vex….im pretty sure we ever met in person but I am an old friend of Kyt I used to read the M-A Vexations alot when Kyt would hand em out on mill(My only good reading materials at the time because of training) I do carry and use my sword but Ive used one my entire life thus far..I was raised into it and it is not a mere quick learned skill. Unlike the many, many, others Ive met,heard of or crossed paths with..I have the heart and the skill…I am part of it and it a part of me…Ill be honest..I do enjoy killing and combating challenges that risk my life both around me and occasionally inside me…Dominion to my life. But I am extremely selective of the instances in get involved in…but its not a set rule,..rather of gut felling.A balance of Principals Discipline and a subtle degree of Love for A Fight.(Even when no fight or blood is spilled) There is an important line between Needed Violence and Indiscriminate Violence…Wazwhrinza(english)Kazi-Toki Rishimei(Japan) and I have been together for a long time..and She and I have dealt with this kind of thing as we always have..(As needed defined by the Depth of Intention of the opponent/s) I use an assortment of swordsmanship from many origins and regions but Jupon Mitsrugi Ryu kenjustu is my preferred. It is my own form of my Masters: Mutsushin Mitsurugi Ryu to add unpredictable variety and balance to its vicious and brutal nature.

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