Vex Harrow
Posted: August 18, 2012 at 3:41 pm
Subject: Moving (again) Not the Site, Just Me

Hails everyone, I know this place has been eerily silent for a while. That’s because most of my attention right now is on the property of Black Hat Magick (one of my geek friends, Elaine Mercer, is the main character of that story.)

In the news, we’re moving (again) from state to state, so that’s caused a little bit of a hiccup in a production schedule in finishing out the last few booklets in the main plot campaign.

Never fear! Everyone will soon get to see what happened to Patrick and company who went out to the dormitories during the evacuation of Phoenix.

Meanwhile, BHM and the strange things happening on ASU in the geeky sort of way are being fleshed out in the end of Tango & Cache. And I have plans to complete and publish The Holocaust Star for everyone in ebook format. I will probably be handing out free-coupons to the ebook for everyone to get it in their hands shortly thereafter.

Of course, afterwards, I’ll keep the price way down so that it doesn’t break anyone’s bank to read it.

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