Vex Harrow
Posted: July 1, 2011 at 2:03 pm
Subject: Snatch and Grab or How Brother Jed Met Vex Harrow


Officially announcing the most recent semi-comical work added to the Vexations arsenal: Snatch and Grab (or How Brother Jed Met Vex Harrow.)

This story continues on immediately after the events of Hadaly’s Day Out from Black Hat Magick (although the site is still offline.) It also shows some of the differences between the storytelling across both of these properties; while they cross universes, Elaine Mercer and Vex Harrow have fundamentally diametric approaches to problems.

People probably recognize Brother Jed as a vituperative Christian mall preacher who visits campuses who uses insults, false shame, sexist remarks, and generally bald-faced hateful opinions to gather crowds and preach his message. Of course, in Vex Harrow’s universe activities such as this come with consequences and those can sometimes be quite damming and damaging.

This from the woman who discovered a portal to Hell in the middle of a lane at a local bowling alley.

Read: Snatch and Grab! and while you’re at it check out “Hello Cory” and No, I Do Not Want Fries With That.

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